Ladies and Gentlemen!

Exploring the world, gaining knowledge and seeking the truth are aspirations which accompany everyone throughout their lives. To meet these desires the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin – drawing near to its centenary – has established the Open University. We hope that thanks to this initiative we will be able to reach a wide range of people who wish to discover their talents and interests, develop their hobbies and gain professional qualifications. We would like to make the Open University available to everyone – adults, teenagers and children. We want to provide students with high quality education, regardless of their age, schooling, place of residence and nationality.

The KUL Open University is a university open to spiritual values, intergenerational dialogue and cultural diversity. It’s a university which, while staying up to date, retains traditional values and protects the Catholic identity.

I encourage all the people eager to develop their talents and hobbies to take an interest in what the KUL Open University has to offer.

Rev. Prof. Stanisław Wilk
Rector of The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
in the years 2004-2012